Name: Cameron “Cam” Knox
Age: 19
Race: Human
Rank: Private First Class
Serial Number: 1703131078
Specialty: Pilot – Bellerophon Class Mecha
Birthplace: International Waters, Earth

Born on a military vessel on Earth, Cameron is the son of career-soldier Colonel Elliot Knox. Cam disobeyed his father’s objections to join the military and quickly advanced through his specialized training. Cam’s skills were so impressive that he was assigned to the Bellerophon division to pilot the newest offensive weapon from the Earth forces. Either through a twist of fate or because of his father’s influence, Cam was assigned to Colonel Knox’s battalion for the Runera campaign. During the pivotal battle, Cam distinguished himself as an exceptional pilot and a trusted comrade. However, Cameron finds himself in a love triangle between his fellow solider Lada Leroux and the beautiful alien princess Lorranna—a development that complicates an already dangerous situation.


Elliot KnoxName: Elliot Knox
Age: 40
Race: Human
Rank: Colonel
Serial Number: 0305110313
Specialty: Command/Pilot – Centaur Class Mecha
Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas, United States, Earth

A man with an unfortunate past—Elliot was raised by his aunt and uncle after his mother died during childbirth and his father deserted the family. The early days of Elliot’s life were spent acting in open rebellion against all kinds of authority which resulted in being sent to various disciplinary schools throughout his primary education. At the suggestion of his guardians, Elliot enrolled in The Citadel—the Military College of South Carolina where he eventually graduated at the top of his class. Elliot thrived under the intense discipline and military command structure and enlisted with the Earth forces mere hours after his commencement ceremony. Elliot is protective of his son Cam, and struggles with maintaining the balance of being a good father and a stern commanding officer. A fiercely loyal soldier, Elliot will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means questioning orders that place his men in a bad situation.


Jenny MackName: Geneva “Jenny” Mack
Age: 35
Race: Human
Rank: Captain
Serial Number: 1607130113
Specialty: Command, Air Support/Pilot – Zephyr Class Mecha
Birthplace: Dayton, Ohio, United States, Earth

Everyone who knows Geneva will tell you she was born to fly planes. As a young girl, Geneva spent every summer with her beloved grandfather who she helped to restore a vintage Curtiss JN-4 biplane. A plane they both nicknamed “Jenny.” Her grandfather was a famous stunt pilot who thrilled audiences with his barnstorming performances and this inspired Jenny to learn anything she could about every kind of aircraft imaginable. Before long, Jenny was capable of performing incredibly dangerous stunts in all types of planes. Growing up next a United Earth Force Air Base, her barnstorming antics caught the eye of a squad commander who convinced her to enlist in the Officer Air Corps. Jenny is a close friend of Elliot’s and they share an interesting romantic history they prefer to keep private.


Lada LerouxName: Lada Leroux
Age: 21
Race: Human
Rank: Private
Serial Number: 1611009652
Specialty: Scout/Pilot – Bellerophon Class Mecha
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, Earth

Lada was the ultimate tomboy growing up, often exploring the marshy swamps of Louisiana alone – as a result she developed an incredible ability to track anything under the worst of conditions. Being very independent and headstrong, Lada didn’t have a lot of friends so she spent her time practicing martial arts and studying mechanical engineering. When she graduated high school, she immediately joined the military where she became enamored with mecha. After completing flight academy, she was assigned to Elliot Knox’s battalion where she met his son Cam. Lada has an intense crush on Cam but feels it would be inappropriate to reveal romantic intentions in the midst of a combat environment.



Name: Nelson "Butcher" Barrett
Age: 23
Race: Human
Rank: Sergeant
Serial Number: 2032110054
Specialty: Infantry/Earth Force Corps of Engineers – Mecha Repair and Development
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States, Earth

Butch grew up in the toughest of neighborhoods and developed a reputation for being one of the meanest street fighters in New York. Butch’s parents realized he was only good at two things: winning brawls and fixing household appliances. So his parents enlisted him in the military and specifically asked that he be placed in the mechanics training program where he would excel faster than all the other students. Despite this, Butch still has a massive chip on his shoulder and tends to react negatively to people he believes were given special privileges in life. This is why he hates Cameron Knox with a vengeance – not only does he feel that Cam is undeserving of his spot in Elliot’s battalion, but he truly believes that Cam’s inexperience will cost the lives of his fellow soldiers. 


Doctor ZwahiName: Horus Zwahi
Age: 57
Race: Human
Profession: Physician
Specialty: Neurosurgery and Neurophysiology
Birthplace: Kiev, Ukraine, Earth

Dr. Zwahi was one of the original members of the team of developers that created the F.I.R.M. (Fully Immersive Robotic Manipulation) operating system for the Bellerophon Mecha. His overall objective was to improve upon the interface between the mecha’s A.I. and the human pilot’s reflexive physiological response and recognition time. Dr. Zwahi also wanted to increase the level of singularity between the mecha’s A.I. and human consciousness to create the perfect warrior on the battlefield. However, the war with the Wasters on Runera took a turn for the worse and he was called to serve as a combat medic and field surgeon. While generally confident of his work, he secretly believes the Bellerophon mecha isn’t operating at full capacity and desperately wishes for more time to run experiments on the human pilots. 


General FinnName: Milosh 'Milo' Finn
Age: 55
Race: Human
Rank: General
Serial Number: 984112008
Specialty: Command, Advanced War Tactics
Birthplace: Pripyat, Ukraine, Earth

Raised by hard-working parents in the urban slums of Eastern Europe, Finn grew up understanding the value of discipline in life and applied that principle to all elements of his upbringing. Going through college on full scholarships based on his mastery of History, Military Tactics and Leadership, Finn was approached by the Earth Force to devise a campaign to defeat a group of raiders embedded in the asteroid belt in the Solar System. Impressing all who met him, Finn enlisted in the military and rose through the ranks. He became so busy that he alienated his wife and children. On the day he was to retire from active service – specifically to spend time rebuilding his familial bonds— a surprise Waster attack wiped out his entire family in mere moments. Now, without anything connecting him to Earth other than his duties, Finn remains the oldest officer in his fleet.


L'KushoName: L’Kusho
Age: Unknown in Earth years
Race: Runerian
Designation: House of Ianoi
Title: Ambassador to Earth
Birthplace: Ardriaca, Runera

L’Kusho is one of the most revered citizens from the Runeran civilization—not only is he Full Ambassador to Earth, but is also the patriarch of the House of Ianoi—the oldest royal family of the Runera elite. Before the Waster invasion, LKusho served at the highest tier of the Adriaca council and was chosen to lead the first envoy to Earth. After establishing stable relations with humanity, a new war began, sending L’Kusho back to a devastated world to serve as the liaison with the Earth forces seeking to liberate Runera from the Wasters. L’Kusho is proud, arrogant and quick to remind everyone within earshot of his pedigree. Although he is considered by many to be condescending, his knowledge and insights are extremely valuable to the war effort.


LorannaName: Lorranna
Age: Unknown in Earth years
Race: Runerian
Designation: House of Ianoi
Title: Cultural Attaché
Birthplace: Adriaca, Runera

Lorranna is the youngest child of L’Kusho and his only daughter. For most of her life, Lorranna has been completely infatuated with Earth culture, customs and people. An avid collector of Earth artifacts, Lorranna attempts to learn whatever she can from human pilots and soldiers while sharing her own expertise in Runerian history. No one questioned L’Kusho when he appointed her as Cultural Attaché but what few understood was that he wanted to control the flow of cultural information shared as well as keep a mindful eye on his daughter after the rest of his family was killed during the Waster invasion. Lorranna is strongly attracted to the Earth pilot Cameron Knox but is extremely shy about letting him know – however, many others are aware her crush.


LorannaName: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Race: Marunek
Birthplace: Unknown



No information





LorannaRace: Runerians
Planet: Runera




The people of Runera are a technologically advanced, peaceful race committed to the study of biology, astronomy and galactic history. Their intellectual capacity exceeds humanity’s and their brains have developed limited telepathic abilities that only work with other Runerians. Their pride in their achievements have made them deeply arrogant and condescending toward other races them deem “inferior.” Runerians are also opposed to war and violence of any kind and considers such acts barbaric, even if someone is reacting in defense.

Runera was completely unprepared when the Wasters attacked and without much effort, the Wasters conquered Runera in a matter of days and enslaved the populace. After several years of careful planning, a few groups of slaves escaped and used their wormhole technology to reach Earth to ask for their assistance in freeing Runera in exchange for advanced technological upgrades. It was revealed that the Runerians had been studying humanity for generations, but refused to make contact until mankind reached a point of “cosmic maturity.” 



LorannaRace: Maruneks
Planet: Runera




The Maruneks are a more aggressive, “savage,” race of Runerians living in the ancient wilds of their world. Although they embrace an agrarian lifestyle, they are not a primitive people. Maruneks have chosen to abandon the popular city-states to live in the abandoned substructures of their ancestors located in distant regions of the planet. Maruneks are very spiritual, fully believing in their gods and myths to a fault. Maruneks are not war-like, but they are completely distrustful of foreigners not recognized by their tribesmen.

Maruneks have been attacking Wasters since the first days of the invasion, sabotaging their war machines and raiding their bases. Their main defense against the alien war mechas are ranged Dietanium weapons laced with Miraculum – these combined metals have the effect of an EMP upon machinery, causing an immediate electrical shortout and shutdown.

Maruneks are equally as distrustful of humans, but are less likely to kill an earthling who doesn’t present a threat. 



Race: The Wasters
Planet: Unknown




No one knows the true name of this invasive alien species, but the few survivors left in their wake only knew that they “lay waste” to entire star systems. Although their true history has been lost in the void of time and space, it is known that the Wasters were an ancient race who fought amongst themselves for several millennia before causing their own near-extinction.

At some point in the last 1,000 years, the Wasters acquired technology from an advanced society who was unfortunate enough to discover the Waster home world on an exploratory mission. Rumor has it that a group of arms dealers crashed on the Waster planet and the Wasters used their newfound equipment to enhance their destructive capabilities.

The surviving tribes of Wasters united to exploit the deep-space propulsion-engine hardware and left their native world to discover other planets to enslave and conquer. Over the centuries, they upgraded their technology from the stolen resources of the conquered worlds.

The Wasters’ physical appearance is a mystery as no survivor has ever seen them outside of their war machines. They behave like a bee colony with a mass intelligence governing their general movement and strategy but they often act independently – quickly becoming unpredictable with their formations and attack patterns.  

Earth would not be a good target for the Wasters because the Runerians have properly warned humanity in advance, assisting them in constructing a planetary defense grid fully capable of withstanding and repulsing a Waster invasion.