Team Mecha Workshop


Valent Wang

Name: Valent Wang(王元亨)
• Comics / Toys
•• Producer / Management / Writer
••• Armarauders: Last Battalion / Armarauders: Shadow Front / Project 7 Stars
Country: Hong Kong / Singapore
Motto: Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

A former video game executive, Wang is the other creative mind and business force behind Mecha Workshop.  Managing an international brand and a staff separated by thousands of miles, Wang provides guidance and leadership in promoting the product and penetrating the tough North American comic book industry. In a culture dominated by superhero comics, Wang found ways to connect with audiences through American social media and direct marketing at major conventions. With steady and shrewd business moves, Wang managed to make Armarauders: The Last Battalion the #1 independently-produced mecha comic series in the United States.

Dan Taylor

Name: Dan Taylor
• Comics / Toys
•• Writer
••• Armarauders: The Last Battalion
Country: United States
Motto: DIY or Die.

Dan Taylor is a perennial 12 year-old raised on '70s Saturday morning cartoons & action figures who writes half-baked hypotheses & boiled-over brainstorms. He broke onto the comic book scene as writer and co-creator of  Hero Happy Hour, the fan-favorite comic series about superheroes during their downtime at the Hideout Bar & Grill. He formally worked at IDW where he served as editor on such lines as The Transformers and Star Trek. As a freelance writer and self-publisher, Taylor is a proponent of creativity and independent publishing, and has self-published Gritty Kitty: Half Past CurfewTombstone of the Dead, as well as continuing with Hero Happy Hour through the indie publisher GeekPunk - Little Guy • Big Ideas.

Brandon M. Easton

Name: Brandon M. Easton
• Comics
•• Writer
•••  Armarauders: The Last Battalion / Armarauders: Shadow Front / Project 7 Stars
Country: United States
Motto: In failure there is no disgrace, only in the cowardice of not having tried.

Brandon M. Easton is a professional writer based in Los Angeles, CA. A native of Baltimore, Brandon has written for the 2011 ThunderCats reboot from WB Animation and Transformers: Rescue Bots from Hasbro. He is an acclaimed graphic novelist, winning the 2012 Glyph Award for his Shadowlaw series and multiple 2014 Glyph Awards for the Watson and Holmes comic series as well as a 2014 Eisner Award nomination. He is also the producer, director and writer of Brave New Souls: Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers of the 21st Century. Brandon also writes for Disney / ABC.

Don Figueroa

Name: Don Figueroa
• Comics / Toys
•• Mechanical Designer / Illustrator
••• Armarauders: The Last Battalion
Country: United States
Motto: Be a reflection of what you'd like to see in others, if you want respect, give respect.

A talented mechanical designer and illustrator, Figueroa worked with Hasbro with designing their Transformers: Titanium line before working on the Transformers Henkei figures. Many of these overall designs were folded into Hasbro’s Transformers: Universe series which remains popular in North America to this day.

Figueroa worked with Dreamwave as well as IDW in launching their extremely popular Transformers comic book series – eventually designing the “War Within” modes that have influenced all future Transformers comics and video games. Figueroa’s Transformers work remains some of the best-selling giant robot comic books in U.S. history.

Don Figueroa

Name: Marcelo Matere
• Comics / Toys
•• Illustrator
••• Armarauders: The Last Battalion
Country: Brazil
Motto: Family First!

Marcelo Matere is a freelance artist. He works for Hasbro doing package art, illustrations and concept art for toys and videogames for brands like “Transformers”, “G.I. JOE”, Marvel’s “Iron Man” and many others. He also draws kids books(Happer Collins and Little Brown & Company Books for Young Readers) and comics(IDW) for the American market.

Alex Milne

Name: Alex Milne
• Comics / Toys
•• Mechanical Designer / Illustrator
••• Project 7 Stars
Country: Canada
Motto: Your only destiny is my boot in your face, bitch!

Graduating from Sheridan College, Milne debuted on the comics scene after being hired by Dreamwave to pencil Transformers: Energon series. Milne was then hired by IDW to pencil and ink the official adaptation of the Transformers movie. He also created the box art for BotCon exclusives as well as the Transformers 25th Anniversary Lithograph. Milne was the principal artist on the Transformers Movie sequel comic: Transformers: The Reign of Starscream. He has worked on the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Alliance, covers for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Defiance, and the third issue of the comic adaptation for the Revenge of the Fallen movie adaptation.

Milne's linework is noted for its high levels of detail, from complex backgrounds to precisely delineated mechanical greeblies on the Transformers themselves. Milne has designed many Transformers characters and settings, and by extension, much of its distinctive overall look for the More Than Meets the Eye series. His work on the book has garnered high praise among fans, owing to his detailed character designs, complex action scenes and highly expressive characters.

E. J. Su

Name: E. J. Su
• Comics / Toys
•• Mechanical Designer / Illustrator
••• Armarauders: Shadow Front / Armarauders: The Last Battalion
Country: Taiwan / United States
Motto: Talent is worthless without hard work.

E.J. Su is an American comic book artist and penciller. Born in Taiwan, E.J. moved to the United States at the age of 14. He worked with writer Robert Kirkman on Image ComicsTech Jacket, before signing on with IDW–where he eventually worked on Transformers(Infiltration, Escalation, and Devastation series)GodzillaAstro Boy, Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy and Samurai Jack. E.J. has also done Transformers art for Hasbro, assisting with pencil art on Devil's Due's second G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers series and art for Tokyopop's Manga interpretations of Astro Boy and Star Trek. E.J. was then called up to help redesign Voltron for its pseudo-sequel animated series Voltron Force. Unfortunately, E.J.'s designs were never used as American toy manufacturing company, Mattel deemed his designs too complicated and costly for toy production.

Barry McClain

Name: Barry McClain
• Comics
•• Illustrator
••• Armarauders: Shadow Front
Country: United States
Motto: Burn lead till ya dead \M/.

Barry McClain Jr. is a comic book artist who has been published by Valiant Entertainment, BlueJuice Comics, Atrophy Comics and the Burning Spear Comix to name a few.

Adam Burn

Name: Adam Burn
• Comics
•• Illustrator
••• Armarauders: Shadow Front
Country: United Kingdom
Motto: Explosive, Imaginative, Driven.

Adam Burn has roughly 7 years of Digital Art experience but a lifetime of traditional art experience having started to draw from an early age. He has always excelled in art at school and once getting to University I began to mess around with Digital Art.

He has worked as a freelance artist working for clients such as Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games, as well as various authors, bands and game developers. And has also worked for Taitale Studios as Senior 2D Artist working on their upcoming MMORTS game Novus Aeterno.

Sherard Jackson

Name: Sherard Jackson
• Comics
•• Illustrator
••• Minirauders / BBrauders
Country: United States
Motto: As long you're still breathing, you have options.

Sherard Jackson is a comic book artist who has been published by DC OnlineImage Comics, Marvel, BOOM! StudiosAntarctic PressDevil’s Due PublishingDynamite Entertainment, and others.

His animation work includes the Warner Bros. film, A Scanner Darkly, and Collection Agency Film's Flatland: the MovieHe also currently working on more creator-owned projects.

Josh Perez

Name: Josh Perez
• Comics
•• Colorist
••• Armarauders: The Last Battalion / Armarauders: Shadow Front / Project 7 Stars
Country: United States
Motto: We're going to party 'til ten 'o clock at midnight!

Josh Perez is a comic-book colorist formerly from Texas, now in Florida, whose Transformers output includes work for Dreamwave, IDW, and Fun Publications. For some time, Perez was the colorist for most of fellow artist Alex Milne's work.

Enrico Galli

Name: Enrico Galli
• Comics
•• Colorist 
••• Armarauders: The Last Battalion / Armarauders: Shadow Front
Country: Italy

Based in Italy, Galli is well-known for his artwork and specifically for his designs for anime DVD covers. Galli also does special FX for zombie films and is a professional tattoo artist.

Lionel Wong

Name: Lionel Wong
• Toys
•• 3D Artist 
••• Armarauders: The Last Battalion
Country: Singapore / United States
Motto: What do you mean I shouldn't have pressed this Giant Red Button...?

An experienced toy designer and 3D artist, Lionel grew up on a steady diet of Star Wars, Transformers, Macross, etc. Realizing he might want to design toys as a career, he was lucky enough to get his start at Hasbro designing for NERF. In time, he has worked with and learnt from the best artists and designers in the industry. Ending his stint at the Bro, he has worked with many other clients and honed his skills accordingly. Loves in particular designing mechanical stuff.

Lionel has worked on a wide range of toy types, from toy blasters, action figures & accessories and shape-changing robots. Enjoys doodling and fiddling with new ideas in his spare time, never going anywhere without his trusty sketchbook(s). Mostly nocturnal. On some days he designs(3D printed) toys, fashion and jewellery. Nothing feels better to him than to see a project done well and launched to an appreciative audience.

Thomas Mauer

Name: Thomas Mauer
• Comics
• Letterer
• Armarauders: The Last Battalion / Armarauders: Shadow Front / Project 7 Stars
Country: Germany
Motto: My best friend's name is CTRL+Z!!!

Letterer and designer Thomas Mauer has worked on a number of Harvey and Eisner Award nominated and winning titles, including the Popgun anthology series and the webcomic The Guns of Shadow Valley. Among his recent work are Image Comics’ Bad DogBang! TangoCopperheadRasputin, and Umbral as well as Black Mask Studios' The Disciples.

Joe Whiteaker

Name: Joe Whiteaker
• Motion Comics
• Producer / Director
• Armarauders: The Last Battalion
Country: United States
Motto: I am not a fish!

A veteran video game developer, Whiteaker has worked on numerous games including Hunter: the ReckoningMarvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and Transformers: War for Cybertron. He has also directed and produced motion comics for Marvel Comics, as well as a wide range of other properties, including Voltron and Street Fighter, which were featured on SyFy Channel’s Ani-Monday programming block.

Luca Zampriolo

Name: Luca Zampriolo
• Toys
•• Master Sculptor
••• Armarauders: The Last Battalion
Country: Italy / Japan
Motto: Creating and making things happen!

Born in Mantova (Italy) October 29th, 1975. Luca is a Sci-Fi enthusiast since a child, he started drawing and modeling robots, starships and vehicles with clay/LEGO at a very young age. He then entered into Bologna School of Arts where graduated from a painting course in 2001. Specialized in mecha design, illustration, sculpture and modelling, he created his own company “Kallamity” in 2007.

He has since published two art books, “Abakan 2288, Kallamity’s world of mecha design” and “KSB, Mech in Ink”. As well as working on projects for Paolo Parente’s DUST, DreamPod9-Heavy Gear, Wired Magazine, DreamWorks Animation, Oktobor Animation, Prada, etc..

Paolo FAbiani

Name: Paolo FAbiani
• Toys
•• Master Sculptor
••• Armarauders: The Last Battalion
Country: Italy
Motto: One does not get bored!

Born in 1976, Pisano of adoption Fiorentina and after the studying at the "University of Architecture in Florence", he began his journey into the world of sculptures. Along with passion, his simple hobby has since turned into a full-time job. In 2003, he created his own studio, 3Evan. A workshop focused on realization of designer and miniatures toys.

He has worked on board games, role-playing and war games projects with companies such as, Soda Pop Miniatures, Antimatter Games, PREDASTORE, Shiewolf Miniatures, Miniatures Studio, Mecgalith Games, AD Games and well-known French firm, Ammon Miniatues for their "OMG" series. He was also in-charge of creating graphic concepts for DUST Games and Oddity's "Machine Feud" series.

Alexa Rosa

Name: Alexa Rosa
• Comics
•• Flatter
•• Armarauders: The Last Battalion
Country: Portugal
Motto: Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

Alexa worked for many years in the corporate world, but decided to abandon it for the calm and schedule free universe of flatting. So far her work can be seen in titles from DCIndie productionsImageMecha, Medikidz, Boom! and Zenoscope.

David Morgan

Name: David Morgan
• Toys
•• Master Painter
••• Armarauders: The Last Battalion
Country: United States
Motto: Do my best, so I can't blame myself for anything.

Master painter, dinosaur and jeep enthusiast, and upcoming 3D artist. He also paints color samples for official Transformers toys. David is now painting toy samples for Armarauders, picking out their colors as well as designing their decals.

Christian Brock

Name: Christian Brock
• Toys
•• Papercrafts
••• MWS Webmaster
•••• Armarauders: The Last Battalion
Country: United States
Motto: Otters base belong to us!

Christian is a papercraft master, 3D artist and tabletop game creator. He is also a programmer, coder and Mecha Workshop's very own part-time webmaster.