Armarauders - Bellerophon Figure Preview by Encline Designs (David Morgan)

The Bellerophon figure preview done up by David Morgan of Encline Designs, which includes a short snippet of stop motion(on the Docking Station and Cockpit area).

Girls of Armarauders - Coloring Process by Enrico Galli

Coloring process by Enrico Galli on his illustration "Girls of Armarauders".

Armarauders: The Last Battalion OST (Battalion's EPIC Charge) by Alex Kurilov

Armarauders: The Last Battalion soundtrack beautifully composed by the talented Alex Kurilov, full tracks available for download here: Armarauders OST

Armarauders: The Last Battalion - Motion Comic Pilot

Armarauders: The Last Battalion motion comic pilot by Nigel Bradley. Nigel kick started the motion comic and got things on the roll. Below is the unseen short pilot clip done up by Nigel.

Armarauders: The Last Battalion (Official Trailer) by jON3.0 (Jon Bailey)

Armarauders: The Last Battalion (Official Trailer) by jON3.0 (Jon Bailey from Honest Trailers)

Armarauders: The Last Battalion - Episode 1

The super detailed artwork of fan-favorite artist Don Figueroa comes to life with the first installment of the ARMARAUDERS: THE LAST BATTALION motion-comic from Studio 414 in association with Mecha Workshop. While not presented in a fully animated format, the motion aspect provided by Studio 414 manages to breathe additional life into Don's amazing art and its attention to technical detail. The ARMARAUDERS motion-comic also features cast voice talent, music, and sound effects.